2 thoughts on “candidate’s positions”

  1. As I’m about to go through the sixth presidential “silly season” of my voting life, I’m beginning to realize that charts like that, while helpful, play less and less of a role in how I vote. It is all well and good that these are the “positions” of the candidates, but for me, it is coming more to a position of trust.

    Frankly, most of these candidates would in my opinion “steal the socks off your feet without taking off your shoes, sell them back to you, make you think you got a bargain-then steal your shoes when you sit down to put your socks on, and you’ll end up thanking [them].” (thanks Mr. Heinlein)

    I would rather vote for someone with whom I disagreed on the issues if I felt that I could trust them to be honest and consistent. Very few people in this list (and none of the Republicans unfortunately) even remotely come close to meeting that criteria for me.

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