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photo in need of a caption, last-minute special holiday edition

i’m SO close to overdoing it with these little contests. so i think i might need to take a break from them for a while after this one (two in one week!). but steve case sent me this great picture, and i just couldn’t resist. so, a last-minute special holiday edition.

same rules as usual. i’ll choose a winner before the weekend.







the running list of contenders…

“Man, even in our world Jesus is depicted as white!” (brian aaby)

Guys, guys, it’s the thumb, pointer finger and pinkie for love! Get it right. (sylvia)

Wiseman 1: Gold
Wiseman 2: Frankensense
Wiseman 3: Myrrh
Wiseman 4: Bling Bling (sonofkong)

“Joseph, I know it’s the eighth day and this has to be done, but are you sure those guys know what they’re doing???” (mike)

Listen, kid.. we gotta talk about this “Red and Yellow, Black and White” thing. (dan roth)

I believe in a free Narnia! (bethany boring)

and the christmas eve eve winner is… bethany boring (in under the wire) with that last contender. made me giggle three times in a row when i read it! congrats, bethany — you’ve suggested many-a-comment on these things. shoot me an email and tell me what book you want.

when you brush…

lots of eatin’ to be done this week, right? which means, logically (and hopefully), lots of tooth-brushin’. so i think it’s extremely timely to pass along this article from the highly-read and authoritative phuket (don’t be such a junior higher! it’s a resort-y place in thailand, and the last ‘t’ is silent) gazette.

my favorite line from the article is the doctor saying “This is a topic that warrants further study.”

(ht to dave barry)

photos in a need of a caption, christmas edition

ooh — this is gonna be fun! and since i’m flying to DEE-troit, michigan today for 10 days of christmas/winter/family fun, i thought to myself, “self, what better way to officially kick off your christmas holiday than with a two-picture, semi-sacrilegious, special holiday edition of the ever-popular photo in need of a caption contest.” and when i thought that to myself, myself had to agree!

so here they are. really, just two angles of the same thing, thanks to one of my wittiest co-workers, lisa wondercheck (some of you talk to her when you call our reg department).

same rules as usual: contenders will get added (by me) to a rolling list. contenders are those captions (or quotes — some of you don’t quite know what ‘captions’ are, but that’s ok) that elicit an audible response from me: laugh, chuckle, grunt, groan. anything audible, you’re on the list. the prize? two things: 1, the admiration (and rabid jealousy) of the other contenders; and 2, a ys book of your choosing (from any line: youth ministry, invert, or emergentys).

contest closes sometime wednesday night, theoretically. i’ll be at my in-laws, and will only have dial-up, unless i sneak out to starbucks; so don’t hold me to it!

oh, and i should warn you — i’m getting massive quantities of poker site spam these days (comment spam). so the word “poker” automatically requires approval by me. don’t worry if your poker-related comment doesn’t immediately show up — it’s just in a cue, waiting for my approval.

the contenders:

I have always siad that the wise men were baptist. (chris saulnier)

Tonight on Celebrity Poker Showdown; Gaspar, Melchior,Balthasar and from NBC’s FRIENDS…Courtney Cox. (steve)

“Hmmm….three kings, again….I don’t think you’re shuffling enough.” (l4ou)

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to bear gifts and traverse afar.
O star of wonder, star of light,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done. (andy jack)

“Okay guys, the winner decides who gets to change the diaper.” (bethany boring)

Hurry up and deal King boy. I ain’t got all night. I have to go unplug the snowman and take my shift on the front lawn in like 5 minutes. (brian)

“I ask the court to mark this item as defense exhibit “Z” in the case of the Pope vs Dan Brown.” (paul)

Come on Jesus, take me to the river… (mike)

Baby needs a new pair of shoes… (dennis)

yeah, it’s not quite wednesday night (though it is just after 5pm here in frickin’ cold michigan), but i’m gonna declare a WINNER, because i have one more special holiday edition caption contest to post! so, without further waiting, the winner this time around is…
Hurry up and deal King boy. I ain’t got all night. I have to go unplug the snowman and take my shift on the front lawn in like 5 minutes. (brian)

shoot me an email, brian, and tell me what book you want!