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the most fun i’ve had listening to a new album in a long time

parry gripp albumi’m really tired this morning. got back from pittsburgh last night. had to go to the dentist for a filling this morning (the left side of my face is still numb). but on the way into the office, i heard the DJ talk to a musician i’d not heard of — a guy named parry gripp. he used to be the front-man of the 90s group “the nerf-herders” (who i’d vaguely heard of). they wrote the theme song for buffy the vampire slayer.

Anyhow, I just downloaded his 51 SONG ALBUM, called “for those about to shop, we salute you” (it’s 51 songs, but a total of 35 minutes!). It’s a hilarious story: he got asked to write a jingle for a kids waffle product, and submitted 5 songs (none of which were chosen, but all of which are on the album). He decided to write a whole album of fake jingles for products (there are food sections, sports sections, cars, personal hygiene). i’ve always been a big of of They Might Be Giants — and this totally has that feel. but, rarely have i laughed out loud multiple times while listening to a new album.