check out this 12 year-old drummer

after a posted a video of an amazing kid guitar player, someone sent me a link to this amazing 12 year-old drummer. dude. check out the part where he plays with his hands.

(ht to chad farrand)

6 thoughts on “check out this 12 year-old drummer”

  1. I could do that!

    Wait, let me be clear. I could post a video showing me doing that. But you’ll have to wait while I spend some time at Industrial Light and Magic learing uber-advanced video editing and special effects.

  2. poster number one, I challenge you to do the same as this kid, flam triplets, rattameque\’s, compound sig\’s. This kid\’s awesome.

  3. drummer – lighten up and watch your language, please (i edited your comment). “poster number one” (jeff) was clearly being sarcastc. yes, the kid is amazing – that’s why I posted it. thanks for the nifty drumming terms, though!

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