christian album cover of the year

some time ago, i came across some website (can’t remember what it was!) that had the worst album covers of all time. in the christian category, this one caught my eye, and i just have to give it some kind of an award, as crass as it is. the combination of exploitation, the gnarly 50s tour bus, the bitchin’ little organ, the image of jesus, and the fact that they chose to explain little richard miller’s uniqueness right on the album cover… well… it sure didn’t come out this year; but i’m going to give it the christian album cover of the year award anyhow.

i’m not sure whether to laugh or flinch.


oh, and, wait: how does he play that thing?

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  1. I think it seems so crass that his nickname is ‘little’. Wow simply astounding!

  2. “oh wait, how does he play this thing?”

    he doesn’t, its actually a nickelodean organ….plays on its own…google it!

    ok, so i made that up.

  3. Found these comments here:

    Posted by: Larry | May 8, 2006 12:57:49 PM

    Back in the late 60’s I remember this guy doing the traveling road show thing at various churches across america. He was one of them mobile singing evangelists that did the gospel tent revival things.

    I was only a 12 year old kid then, but from what little I remember he actually DID play that organ. There were special foot pedal extenders so his leg stumps could push them. I think it was a custom built organ, with the lower part of the keyboard doing single key “chords”, and the upper part playing just notes. So I guess it was relatively “easy” for him to play with his 2 arm stumps.

    He also did the guitar thing if I recall correctly, he would ratchet the guitar across his lap, had some strap thing rigged up around one of his arm stumps to hold a special “pick”, and he’d pick at the guitar kind of like a cross between a banjo and a steel guitar.

    I guess the pickin and organ playing were ok, but I do remember that his singing was horrible. Awful, in fact. But funnier than hell when you’re a 12 yo boy.


    Posted by: dhm | Jul 3, 2006 2:57:24 PM

    Let’s make something perfectly clear. Richard Miller is the real deal. He is a perfect example of how God can take our given attributes and use us to motivate thousands of people in many ways. I have known Richard since 1975. He visited our church and helped move me into a direction to positively affect the lives of boys and girls for over 30 years. He is an engineer major and can do countless things. I still have his recorded message that I heard. I saw him do amazing things but that is not the thrust of his power. The Holy Spirit works through his life to motivate us. His live was changed when he accepted the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He encouraged me to never “MAKE EXCUSES” for doing less than my best.

  4. That is awesome!! If I ever made a cd I would want that as the cover. I think my favorite part is the picture of the white Jesus hovering above the bus.

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