christian board games you’ve missed

inspired by the bold move of turning best-selling book “your best life now” into a board game (which, apparently, happened a full year ago — i’m just slow), i’m proud to present this list of other christian book-themed board games. round up the family and good ol’ uncle jimmy dobson, and let’s get the dice a rollin’!

christian book board games you may not be aware of

the screwtape letters board game. looks suspiciously like chutes and ladders, but without the ladders.

the purpose-driven life game, “pacifying the mad killer” version. really, it’s just a copy of the book with a highlighted section to read, and a dvd of a kirk cameron playing a killer who’s taken you hostage.

the 21 irrefutible laws of the leader game. for kids 3 – 6. think whack-a-mole with irrefutible laws.

the revolve bible game. it’s really just a card deck of skinny teenage models, with verses printed on the back. kind of a bible memory thing for those who want to reinforce culturally damaging stereotypes of women.

every picture tells a story. what a rip-off. it’s just the original product — a stack of black-and-white pics in a box. obviously a lame attempt by the author and publisher to “repurpose” a product.

exclusion and embrace, the game. kind of like “conquest of the empires” or “risk”, but with super-deep theological insights. the instructions are barely readable without a graduate theology degree.

the left behind board game. it’s an empty box. it was raptured, and you weren’t!

the matthew henry commentary on the bible game. it’s pretty boring, really, but every young aspiring bible school student buys it from CBD because it’s just so darn cheap, and it looks great on the shelf.

a generous orthodoxy game. a game for everyone! rumored to be d.a.carson’s favorite secret pleasure.

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  1. I uncovered these on my last stroll in a Christian bookstore…

    Strong’s Concordance: The Game It’s a race against the clock to discover all the other places in scripture the word “from” appears. Game time: 12 hours.

    Veggie Tales: The Saga You start the game as well meaning writers and animators and fight an uphill battle of disapointing legal battles, censorship and at the end you can either wrestle control back sucessfully or remove all scripture refrences from the board.

    Under the Unpredictable Plant You play a person in ministry going from space to space looking for perfection and find out that it would have been better if you would have never left the first square to begin with.

  2. “the left behind board game. it’s an empty box. it was raptured, and you weren’t!”



    Couldn’t make it to convention this year even though it is only 2.5 hrs away.

  3. Over the weekend, I remembered a board game my parents bought when I was younger and it made me think to this Blog posting. It’s called the “Ungame”. There are dice and little pieces you move around the board and you land on spaces and draw cards from a pile. The cards as questions like “Who’s your favorite person in the Bible, besides Jesus and Why?” and “If you were in prison with Paul…”. I think I only played it twice because it wasn’t really very fun. No one wins, and you just keep playing until you’re bored of it. Most of the questions lacked substance, too, and I can’t really say it was a life changing experience for me.

  4. I never heard of these games you have named above. I need to find out more about how those play. Does anyone know how fun the Daystar board game is, I just picked it up at a garage sale. My husband and I are getting back into playing board games with our adult children, okay more advanced board games than we grew up with in the 70s. My children (three adult men now lol) learned chess from a semi-professional chess player and enjoyed more advanced strategy games (consistently beating us) but after playing more advanced games we got motivated to make some easy games for our Grandchildren (we have 2 at 2.5 and .5 years) and dream one day of making a game that we believe is God inspired my husband with me inspired to help. Any advice or help with anything for us newbies would be appreciated. We believe board games can help kids reconnect better in an electronic media age. Did this site get abandoned for another site, just notices the year is 2006!

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