christian music cheese, part 5

a bunch of my friends (mark riddle, mike king, nate severson, and others) have been posting videos their finding of christian music cheese from the 70s, 80s and 90s (please, lord, i hope they’re all at least that old, and we can have — at the least — that little excuse). it’s some horrendously funny stuff.

so i thought i’d pull together a little series with some of these babies. for this installment, i’m going back to a classic i posted some time ago: li’l markie, baby! yeah! feel the rush.

13 thoughts on “christian music cheese, part 5”

  1. It’s like the Exorcist, but mega-CHEESE!
    It’s amazing how many crazy words Christians put
    into “Worship” songs.

  2. I thought at first that this was not to bad. Nice voice, nice guy then it hit. Oh my. We were willing to try and do anything in the 80’s.

  3. Like John, I was going along, thinking, “OK, slightly cheesy, but it is the 80s, so I can let that go”… and then it hit. All he needed was a little Elmo puppet and he’d have the perfect match for that voice.

    What were Christians *thinking* in the 80s?

  4. Bro, I totally saw him live at a church I was working at in ’99… 19-99 that is. He was still up to the same old stuff. It wasn’t long after that I felt the Spirit’s leading to move on. :) Or maybe it was just me.

  5. How did this guy take himself seriously? I get mad when Adam makes fun of me for being a “good Baptist girl” and this certainly doesn’t help that image.

  6. We showed it at our youth service Wednesday – the timing was perfect as we are going to be changing the music a bit and used this to show our “new style.” Now my son is going around singing worship songs like little Markie.

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