22 thoughts on “christian music cheese, part 7”

  1. I first heard about this from my wife, who saw it on E!’s show, The Soup. It’s scary, yet somehow enchanting at the same time! I couldn’t stop watching it.

  2. the guy doesn’t have to tote a mic? what is up with that?!

    definitely the cheesiest, I have seen – the dance moves and choreography is what takes the cheese to a bad theme park “show” level that leaves me shaking my head.

    I am not sure how a person can think, “this is a great idea!”

  3. At a loss for words
    I thought maybe the attire makes it worse but I’m not so sure if they tried to wear appropriate clothes it would help

  4. I like the suit, just not the dancing goes along with it. This cant be real? It has to be a joke? Please tell me its a joke?

  5. adam- i’m with you. it’s weirdly, hypnotically enchanting. (of course i’m a massive fan of the lawrence welk show, even after all these years)

  6. Im a little convicted about my response and I need to confess it. This performance doesnt appeal to me,and it appears it doesnt appear to most of you as well. But is this the right format in which to criticize someones actions. Lets just suppose these people are fellow Christians, what kind of testimony is that we are laughing at their expense in a very public way. I tell you its not a good testimony at all. Jesus said the world would know us by our love. Im not feeling much love at all in this forum. Again this is just my conviction but I am sorry for my past comments, and if those people in the video ever read this, I hope they see that someone in this group wants to love them as brothers and sisters in Christ.

  7. Probably not a discussion point but I found it interesting that the performance is pretty crisp. The choreography is tight. The vocals are decent. And the timing is impeccable. It’s obvious they worked really hard to make it that way *Paula Abdul off*

    I wonder how one can work so hard to make something excellent but in the end it still comes across as “Cheese”. I guess there is a lot to this whole ‘knowing your audience’.

  8. Honestly, those were some nice moves, but they just didn’t fit in with this.I’m going to have this stuck in my head now the rest of the day.

  9. What shines through is a dazzlingly puzzling theology. People will be attracted to the ‘offense of the gospel’ by slick dancing and singing. Also what’s all this about demanding our rights? From whom? What? Eh?

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