christian vs. christ-follower, redux

there was a surprising (to me, at least) amount of fiesty-ness over the original christian vs. christ-follower parodies (based pc vs. mac commercials), created by community christian church. i loved ’em — thought they were fun and had a point. sure, they’re a 30 second parody — they won’t be exhaustive in their explanations, and will be generalized and 2-dimmensional. so what.

well, there are two more. i particularly chuckled at “…emergent church cult… (swallow) culture…”.

(ht to mikey at think christian)

for those who missed this before:

here’s the first video

the second video

the third video

the fourth video

my original post (with the first three videos) and some interesting discussion in the comments section

9 thoughts on “christian vs. christ-follower, redux”

  1. where do you find all these interesting things to post? i love reading your blogs. it’s like.. a surprise everyday. hahaha. =0)

  2. Marko,

    They have added two new ones now to there youtube sight. They are even better in my mind

  3. I’ve got the same issue with these as I did with the first one. You don’t need to mock (however gently) another perspective. Some measure of respect has to be a part of this.

  4. And maybe I’m being hyper-sensitive, but knowing the devotion and passion of many “Christians,” I just find this in poor taste.

  5. i thought they were funny and very well done. and maybe some hit a little closer to home than i’d like, but i just felt a little strange about it. it seems to me that we’re not in some battle about how to do church, and if we are, we shouldn’t be. making or poking fun of the perspective of any person, whether it be traditional or stodgy or whatever, just doesn’t seem to be very emergent (given what very little i know about it). video 6 was probably the best in terms of truth, but it still missed the mark.
    this really got me thinking. thanks, marko! =)

  6. I used the first three videos with my high school group and it started a great discussion on what God expects from us vs. what our Christian culture expects. Thanks for the links!

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