christmas blog silence

this week i’ve been thinking of all the things i should be blogging about this week and next:
– the continuation of my “the future of youth ministry” series (which will have many more episodes in the year to come!)
– the start of my “leading without power” blog series
– nifty year-end things, like the best books i read, and stuff like that

but i’ve learned something about blogging this year. after re-emerging into the blog world following a 2/3 year blog sabbatical, i have disciplined myself to enjoy my blog and my connection with readers, but not allow it to command or control me. and, as soon as blogging feels like a should, then i know things aren’t in alignment.

so, with that in mind, i’m going to take a week or two off. it might last until the new year (my family and i are traveling to our extended families in michigan until then anyhow). but, who knows — maybe i’ll start again after christmas. anyhow — i encourage you to take a break from blog reading also. whatever you do (blogging or not, blog reading or not), let’s all be present to those around us, and present to the christ, who’s almost unimaginable birth as a human baby we celebrate.

as a little cast away, here are a few pics from my family’s christmas, which we celebrated after school last monday!

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