a new web portal launched this week for church leaders, appropriately called the have some original content and some aggregated content, as well as lots of other stuff. i like that they have the home page that includes a variety of content, but sections divided into specific content for pastors, worship, youth (ministry), children (‘s ministry), small groups, and outreach.

i’d been asked to be part of the advisory team (or something like that) for the youth ministry section, and agreed to that. and, they asked me and a handful of other youth ministry bloggers if they could aggregate some of our blog posts. here’s what i like about how this website is aggregating content, though:

let’s be honest — not every blog post by every blogger is worth reading. some are, some aren’t. i chuckle when i look at some aggregators that include every post from a handful of bloggers. if i wanted to read every post by them, i’d add them to my reader. a good aggregator should be selective, imho. so, the youth ministry section of has blog posts from me, adam mclane, josh griffin, and many more; but only those posts that are specifically about youth ministry and would have interest or application to a wider audience. that’s helpful.

anyhow, i encourage you to check it out. a friend of mine is in the final throws of becoming the “channel editor” for the youth ministry section, and i expect the quality and depth of the content will increase when that happens.

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  1. Marko, that is looking like a great resource. I went to look it over and spent about 20 minutes reading articles from the front page that are stuff I can use NOW.

    Thanks for the hook up.


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