clam-flavored beer. mmmmm.

Bud+&+Bud+Light+Chelada+cans+on+Ice.pngok, the other day i was driving back to the office, and i notice a billboard for this new drink – budweiser chelada – out of the corner of my eye. i could hardly believe it. mix crappy beer with clam-flavored tomato juice? really? bud light and clamato?

i can’t quite picture the product team that sat around a table brainstorming, and, when someone suggested that, all enthusiastically chimed in with, “that’s it!” i now realize, after looking online, that there’s a traditional mexican drink by this name; but it’s normally made with beer, lime and salt, which doesn’t sound very different than how most people drink their coronas. i’m stumped, and a bit grossed out.

leave me with sam adams and i’ll be just fine, thank you.

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  1. I saw that too, in St. Louis where they make the stuff. Huge billboard right on my commute. And it’s a BAD idea. I predict it’s a stunt to see how many people read billboards and use that information to sell us more things.

    Schlafly’s for me; also made in STL, but much more of an artisan beer.

  2. My dad drank tomato juice and beer when I was a kid and it always stunk! I can not imagine if you used lamato that has to be horrible. My dad called it a poor mans Bloody Mary.
    And of course living in the Pacific NW if it ain’t a micro brew it ain’t worth drinking!

  3. It’s somewhat popular with the older crowd where I grew up in Canada. Beer and Clamato juice. But, then again, we also drank “Bloody Caesar’s” and not “bloody Mary’s” (essentially the same, except Clamato juice instead of tomato juice).

  4. Actually, it’s pretty good! If you like Bloody Mary’s made with Clamato, you should try it. I prefer the Bud Light version over the Bud version. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing, and won’t hit you as hard as a Bloody Mary because it has the same % of alcohol by volume as Bud Light and Bud. Plus, you can dress it up with olives, hot sauce, peppers, etc., just like a Bloody Mary. They go great with Mexican food and omlettes!

  5. Ya, ceasar’s are awesome, clamato and molson is my grandpa’s drink, so it doesn’t seem that weird to me. Todd, I’m with you on the Guinness buddy. ;D

  6. I have to admit I’m spoiled living in Milwaukee, we have a lot of great microbreweries in town, Sprecher being my favorite. I’m also a fan of German imports like Franziskaner.

  7. I was in Orlando speaking last year and in a hotel and stuck as there was no where for dinner or anything so I walked to a 7-11 and saw this strange Tomato-Beer drink. I bought one out of curiosity. I went home and drank it and entered into a state of spiritual depth and an almost trance-like status due to the mixture like Peyote Mushrooms or something of that sort. I now drink Clamato Beer regularly when I take long periods of spiritual meditation and retreat.

  8. ok, i just have to point out that the comment by “karen” above sounded suspiciously like a paid announcement. well, sure enough, her email address is! c’mon, karen! pul-leeeze.

  9. reminds me of one comedians characterization of the product team that brought us the hot-pocket, “I got an idea! Let’s take a pop-tart and fill it with nasty meat!”

  10. In Texas the Michelada is a well known alcoholic beverage (I live in a dry city btw :) yep we still have those). Most recipes involve beer, lime, tobasco, and worcestershire sauce.

    I can’t imagine this is good .. but here is a popular formula a friend uses.

    12 oz beer
    juice of 1 lemons
    2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    1 dash soy sauce
    1 dash Tabasco® sauce
    1 pinch black peppers

  11. Nobody brainstormed to come up with this. These are supposed to cure hangovers, but it’s about the only beer I enjoy drinking. I can’t stand beer, but these taste delicious to me.

  12. Thats the problem with you Americans. PLAIN BEER?? besides american beer tastes like crap. Well anyway You ARE right Chelada is a lime and salt drink
    MICHELADA is mexicos most famous drink. lime, salt, yorkshire sauce, maggie sauce, tabasco, salt, pepper and beer
    And what Bud light is trying to imitate and make beleive they invented is our famous CHELAMATO which is a combination of MICHELADA only adding half a glass of clamato and half beer.
    This mixture the MICHELADA has is called PETROLEO here in MEXICO for its black sauce color. ( PETROLEUM) Come to Mexico and try one (HAS TO ME IN MEXICO NOT A MEXICAN RESTAURANT) You will fall in love it is the most refreshing delicious way to frink a beer.
    Cheers Gringos



  14. You should try them. CERVEZA INDIO, SOL, XX LAGER, BOHEMIA, PACIFICO. LEAVE THE BUD FOR A DAY AND TRY THESE YOULL BE AMAZED. were not #2 beerwise ranking for nothing.

  15. I think most beer tastes nasty. I have tried lots of beer. If I had a choice between energy drink and most beer, I would choose the energy drink. Chelada is the only beer I enjoy. Talking about it makes me want to go get one, and I am in a little bit.

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