clarifying my ukulele position

it just may be that i have offended a whole segment of ukuleleophiles, with my previous post. let me clarify my position:

1. we must love the ukulele player, hate the ukulele — this is our biblical mandate.

2. our churches should be places where ukulele players feel accepted, as we are all sinful broken people.

3. we must hold that god’s ideal is for full-sized guitars.

5 thoughts on “clarifying my ukulele position”

  1. i’ve heard many conservatives claim through various proof texts that people who are inclined toward ukulele playing should refrain from playing any instruments until god gifts them with a natural desire to play guitar. as you know, i disagree with this position. i think people play the ukulele because god created them that way; we should, in fact, bless their musicianship. i know my bishop agrees with me on this, though many are leaving over this issue.

  2. Personally, I played (by choice?) the Uke in elementary school. My teacher even told me I was gifted… I never pursued my gift, and today can not longer play the Uke. I wonder if I should experience a sense of loss?

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