FRIDAY NUGGET: close vs. closed

one of my Youth Ministry Coaching Program participants was sharing this week about the message they convey to visitors:

“we’re a close group, but we’re not a closed group. jump in and be yourself.”

love it. great wording. let’s all embrace that cultural value.

One thought on “FRIDAY NUGGET: close vs. closed”

  1. this is such a tight balance isn’t it? we all seek to build community and familiarity in our groups because it facilitates those deeper spiritual conversations. But then we all have seen kids come to our groups, and seem to have a hard time getting started because the group either looks “closed” or actually is in many ways… In order to stay open we as leaders need to lead by example in accepting new kids and we need to be encouraging our kids to remember what it is like to be the new kid. One of the best excercises on this I saw was a youth group asked to send 3 of their kids to our group for a night… and they experienced what it was like….

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