coffee heaven

i walked in the door on a monday evening a few weeks back, and the entire house smelled like coffee. it was glorious.

my wife is coordinating a coffee sales thing as a fundraiser for my son’s school class. she’s working with a local roaster who’s providing a couple exclusive blends (one strong, one medium) of all organic and fair trade beans. they’re all roasted within a few days of the giant tubs arriving at our house, so they are the utmost in freshness.

now, weeks later, i get this treat about once a week, when a couple new tubs arrive. i often grab a couple beans and crunch them in my mouth — they’re just so good. on days i have more time, we use a french press with this stuff; and on other mornings, i just use my starbucks barista drip maker. i hope they stick with this fundraiser for a few years (it’s raising funds for max’s 8th grade trip, and he’s in 5th grade right now!), so i get to continue smelling and tasting this amazing coffee.

8 thoughts on “coffee heaven”

  1. That [almost] makes me want to start drinking coffee.

    However, I suspect your readers know a coffee drinker or two – would you be willing to put up sales information? Or better yet, have Max put up sales information on his blog, and you just provide a big link to his blog? You know, Christmas is coming. :)

  2. Wow your lucky. But its ok, the dad of one of my Youth works at a Starbucks roasting plant and since they get a pound of coffee a week for free,they give me some every now and then. Very helpful for mornings after Youth events.

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