competitive acrobatics

holy freakin’ guacamole! it’s a competitive combo of cirque du soleil acrobatics, gymnastics and cheerleading mounts. whoa. if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing (“the five disciplines” are female pair, female group, male pair, male group, and male/female pair), slide forward to about the 3/4 mark to see the mixed groups. again i say: wow.

(ht to naked pastor)

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  1. They remind me of Plastic Man. Marko I’m sure you’ve seen this and not nearly as impressive but almost.

  2. Marko,

    your blog is going to chance from G to R rated rapidly if you don’t watch the “holy freakin’ guacamole” comments and Hat Tipping to some guy who is known as the “Naked Pastor”.


  3. Okay, I let slip a few “Holy Crap!” utterances while watching this.

    Is it possible to be thrilled at these athlete’s sheer physicality and utterly despondent at my sheer rotundity simultaneously?


    :: sigh ::


  4. Marko — Wow. A couple of thoughts crossed my mind as I watched this video:

    * I believe this is why the Lord God did give unto us the internet.

    * The human jumprope scene almost made me shoot ramen noodles through my nose (which might make a strangely entertaining video in itself)

    * The soundtrack was very odd. I turned it off. But then I discovered that I needed the soundtrack to more fully enjoy the experience, despite being simultaneously bothered by it. Everything is better with a soundtrack.

  5. As a former elite gymnast, I have all the respect in the world for sports acro athletes and what they do. The gymnastics magazines often reported on their major competitions, and we would see tapes from time to time. It’s truly incredible what the human body can accomplishes when it is so finely trained and honed.

    A few notes, though. Sports acro has been around a long time. Cheerleaders borrowed much from sports acro–not the other way around. And although I have great respect for cheerleaders and they way their sport has developed, what sports acro athletes do is, frankly, much more difficult. Like other elite gymnasts, they train an incredible number of hours and really devote their whole young lives to the sport.

    Which leads to the other point. Much though I loved my years as a gymnast, it takes a terrible toll on your body. This is something for kids to bear in mind when they are considering sports acro or any form of gymnastics–and for parents to consider as well. At the elite levels, the injury rates are very high, and no sport has such high spinal injury rates. It can also effect the development of the body, especially for girls, in unhealthy ways. So make wise decisions, and be discerning throughout.

    First, sports acro has been around for a long time. There is really no cheerleading element; when cheerleading grew more complicated, they borrowed from sports acro–not the other way around.

  6. Marko and Tic, you should consider doing this for the youth workers convention…it would be very entertaining!

  7. This video helped my marriage. Thanks for the tips. Plus, if you put velcro on the kids and the ceiling, they will sleep up there.

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