comtemplative youth ministry blog tour

bob carlton has organized a blog tour of mark yaconelli’s new book, contemplative youth ministry. each of the bloggers on the tour will post whatever they want to post — reviews, reactions, questions. in addition, mark yaconelli will respond to questions the bloggers have, so he’ll have presence in their posts, if they choose. here’s the current (international) schedule, which could be added to:

May 8 Jonny Baker

May 9 Gavin Richardson

May 10 Sarah Dylan Breuer

May 11 Jennifer Roach

May 12 Mark Oestreicher

May 15 Dixon Kinser

May 17 Jonathon Norman

May 19 Adam Cleaveland

May 22 Lilly Lewin

May 24 Tim Van Meter

May 26 Lucas Land

May 29 Andy Jack

May 31 Bobbie

June 2 Darren Wright

June 5 Kester Brewin

June 7 Steve Case

June 9 Mike King

6 thoughts on “comtemplative youth ministry blog tour”

  1. blog tour! that’s about the sweetest idea i’ve heard about in a long time!

    then later on you could do the same thing with some of the other books that are out there making an impact and looking at ministry, faith, church and the world to come [blue like jazz, a new kind of christian, revolution, velvet elvis, serving with eyes wide open, the gutter, simply christian, the shaping of things to come, and i know i’m missing a bunch] shall i go on?

    i think it’s a great way to have managable, bite size pieces of discussion and thought!

    way to go bob carlton, mark yac and thanks to all those contributing their time and comments.


  2. Great idea! I’ll be sure to check out those guys as I read the book to see if they add anything to it. It’s always great to see a book through other people’s eyes.

  3. it’s a little late, but i’ve got my contributions in to the blog book tour. my attempt at an conversation interview.

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