conflicted: occasional cut-n-paste humor posts or not?

ok, so this morning, sitting at my wife’s computer, i read a little mildly funny list (the post below this one), and posted it.

then i got myself dressed and drove into work. and the whole time i was thinking, “crap, now i’m one of *those blogs* that don’t actually write stuff, and are just full of random junk from other locations” (that kind of blog occasionally pisses me off (ooh, rage-man!). and, the level of actual humor in the post is only a 6 or 6.5 on a 10-point scale, i’d say. i decided to remove the post as soon as i got to work.

now i’m at work, and i’m undecided. on one hand, i don’t want this blog to either…

    a. get filled with copy-and-pasted stuff that’s interesting to me and no one else, kind of like a person who can only repeat other peoples’ thoughts. or,

    b. get filled with copy-and-pasted stuff, thereby allowing me to hide behind it all and never self-disclose or deal with my own thoughts or emotions that feel risky to put down on e-paper.

but, on the other hand, i don’t want to slip into…

    c. pretentious blogger who thinks i’m solving the problems of the universe and takes himself way too seriously, even deriving his self-worth from his presence in blog-land.


3 thoughts on “conflicted: occasional cut-n-paste humor posts or not?”

  1. General Blog Rule of Thumb For Humor…or at least it should be…

    If you laughed out loud – post it. That’s an insight to your sick sense of humor.

    If you snickered – and don’t have anything else to say – post it and tell us that too.

    If you rolled your eyes and want to make fun of it – post it and make fun of it, AND gives us a chance to make fun of it.

    And you do have a cool blog. So you should get SOME sense of self-worth from it.

  2. good rules, grant. i think i could go with 1 and 3 above. if i only snickered, it’s probably not worth it (which is the case with the mother’s day list).

  3. This post made me laugh out loud! I can’t tell you how many bloggers I recognized in it!

    And here is my input:

    – there’s no danger of feeling pretentious and self-important once you have your first real flame-war.

    – This blog is your space, and you have to make it your space, whatever that means, in order to feel comfortable in it.

    – It’s like having a little plot of land. You can garden in it, you can grow flowers, you can grow pot, but ultimately it’s your land, and you have to do the maintenance to keep it alive. If it’s more exhausting than life-giving, it’s lost its purpose. And if you worry about what other people think you’re growing, it’s not bringing you pleasure, it’s simply a way to please the neighborhood.

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