congradulashions gradjuits

this is classic — the principal of a public high school has had to fall on his sword and take the blame for passing out 330 diplomas with the word “education” misspelled. while i am far from a perfect speller, spelling (and grammar) is a thing for me (although, every time i post something like this, someone comments that i’m the last person who should comment about this, particularly because of my horrible use of lower case, which really seems to get under the skin of some readers!).

The easy way out would have been to tell the graduates of Westlake High School that the misspelling on their diplomas was a final test.

A test. Yeah, that’s it.

Instead, Principal Timothy Freeman fell on his red pen, shouldering responsibility for the diplomas issued to 330 Westlake graduates at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland on Saturday that read board of “educaiton,” not “education.”

5 thoughts on “congradulashions gradjuits”

  1. i feel ya on the lower case, brother. i used to frequent a de-conversion blog and was involved in a spirited exchange with one of the commenters there, and another piped in and said how inconsiderate and wrong i was for typing in lower case. you’d think with the gravity of the subject matter at hand that it’s pretty trivial to start harping on my punctuation. they actually viewed it as typical of Christians to be so rude…

  2. the really sad part is that they sent the diplomas back for typo corrections once already.
    …or so i heard.

  3. hey marko…don’t let them get you down on your lack of capitalization. it worked for ee cummings.

  4. i’ve had students get mad at me for not capitalizing when I text them! lol! i’m like, it’s a stinking text message! and I’m almost 30 – how bout congratulate me for even texting you! lol .. I have to admit, I’m actually pretty proud of my texting skillz. :) yay for figuring out t9!

  5. I blame Bill Gates and his fancy spell check for my lack of spelling skills. I am currently 25 and I think I was the first “spell check” generation.

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