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yesterday, i sat in my office for an hour or more and read through the 1000+ evaluations we got from the sacramento youth workers convention. somewhere along the line, i started noting the comments that made me laugh out loud (at least a chuckle). if it only made me smile, i didn’t write it down.

no, these weren’t all from the same person…

what would you like to see added to the convention? the bible

what are some of your comments about the week? outlets weren’t covered – very dangerous for children

what would you like to see added to the convention? where was the techno music?

some comments about the week? need to back off on the volume for Lost And Found to offset their pitch

who is someone you would like to speak at a future general session? bono

who is someone you would like to speak at a future general session? mel gibson, tom cruise, the pope, jim cavizel, johnny depp, kevin turner (colorado christian university youth ministry prof). [um, one of these things is not like the other]

who is someone you would like to speak at a future general session? burt reynolds (if he gets saved)

random comment: what’s the etymology of “jacked”? tic shouldn’t say jesus was “jacking” with them…

who is someone you would like to speak at a future general session? laura bush

what would you like to see added to the convention? a woodworking shop or something where people can use their hands or something

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  1. Some of those I saw as they came in to HQ and gave us quite a laugh! One of them I knew the age range before looking at that part of the eval. I saw the one about the outlets in the Kids’ Room and they kinda have a point…and I truly love the fact that people could be so critical about some things and still give the convention a 4 or 5!

  2. I have to give you credit, Marko. Working with youth min types is like shooting craps in Vegas – you never know what you’re gonna get!

  3. Marko,

    I really hope you are not like me, many reasons why you do not want to be me. I read the evals from my summer camp and I can only tell you the neagtive comments and non of the postive comments. I would love you to take a few of the great comments on the events and put them someplace where you can seem them daily. YS makes a difference in a postive way to youth workers. I will see you and the whole gang in Nashville in the next couple of weeks and I promise I will not complain about the electrical covers. Thanks for loving us misfits in the real world of ministry.

  4. Forget the kids, Deneice … my buddy and I were daring each other to lick our fingers and put them in an outlet. If I wasn’t such a big guy, it totally would have worked, too.

    BTW, Lost and Found are a trip; a weird but amusing trip. : )

  5. Next year we need to keep you out of the Kids’ Room! :)

    I also loved the evals that evaluated speakers they had not heard yet in the General Session!

  6. totally, deneise! i saw one that gave me a 1 (which means “worst”), but wrote on another part that they had to leave early and didn’t attend the final session!

  7. EXACTLY, Marko! Cracked Sarah and I up! I also thought some of the comments calling certain speakers “bitter” very interesting! I listened to the CD on my way home since I missed him and so not bitter!

    Keep sharing these…they’re great!

  8. YS is such a blast and an awesome experience (When I went to atlanta last year)… Sad that they didn’t even stay to hear you Marko before deciding how they felt. Would of been better to leave it blank. I excited for nashville (20 or so days).

  9. I would pay double if BONO spoke. I would actually pay quadruple. That would be the best thing ever. Get to work, Marko, stop slacking. Get Bono to speak. Do it. Do it now. The tour will be over this year and he will just be chilling. Next year would be perfect.

    By the way, I never thought of putting celebrity types on there. Next year… (you like my elipse or whatever it’s called)

  10. Haha… oh the memories. I run a major Eastercamp under canvas and every year we do eval. forms with our youth pastors and youth leaders. Without fail every year someone under the heading ‘what positive improvements could we make?’ writes “better weather.”

  11. Lost and Found still plays? Does Campolo still speak? Maybe you guys should start reissuing old YS stuff too. I like those guys and think they were a cool addition for a year or two but what’s the deal….. wait am I ranting? I sometimes open my mouth too wide and get my foot stuck….. You guys do whatever you want.

  12. dood, rood — you STILL do youth ministry?

    really, LAF continue to be a major hit with the YS crowd. and I love ’em, so am always stoked to have them there. we can’t all be balding metal-heads like you, lars.

    actually, we didn’t have campolo speak in a general session this year, and he was the most requested speaker on the evals (well, after rob bell).

  13. Figures about Rob Bell. I have a couple that now attends our church in Cary, NC that used to attend Rob Bell’s. I’m so glad they don’t compare me to Rob. There is no comparison. Rob is well better looking.

  14. Tony Campolo didn’t speak in a general session last year, either (at Dallas, anyway). He’s a good speaker, though. I went to a hyper conservative Bible school back in the day, like psycho conservative. I used to buy his books and leave ’em around just to tick people off (you know, “How to be pentecostal,” etc.). Good times …

  15. Well, I’m going to the Nashville Convention, so I haven’t heard any of the speakers yet . . . I’m giving Marko a 1.5 (go ahead, prove me wrong, I dare ya).

    I do LOVE Campolo. My first convention was Charlotte NC a couple years ago, the summer prior to that Campolo was the guest preacher for our Heafner Preaching Mission at my church, and then I got to enjoy Campolo again in Charlotte just a few months later. He’s fantastic. I’m a Tony fan. He and Yac were easily my favorites of that convention. Rob Bell was excellent last year in Atlanta too.

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