cool new online ys catalog

i’d seen some of these online page-turning chapters and catalogs and such recently, and asked our peeps at ys if we were thinking of using that technology. of course, they’re usually a few steps ahead of me, and were planning on beta testing our fall catalog with this app. it’s pretty cool.

we’re still gonna send a paper catalog this time around (it should arrive in the next week or week and a half, if you’re on our mailing list). but we’d love to get to the point where we can save a few trees and only do this online thing, if people want it and use it.

so, check it out; give us your feedback. and be sure to check out all the sweet new (and old) resources from ys.

here’s the little write up:

Hey Everybody —

Marko here. Okay, so summer is over and that’s a bummer. School is starting now and if you’re anything like me, things are crazy busy. Well, our cool people over in the online area have been crazy busy too. They’ve been playing around with some stuff to make things easier and more fun for you when you need to get that back to school shopping done. So check this – yep, that’s our new digital eCatalog — I thought it was pretty wild. Now you can flip through the catalog long before it hits your snail mail.

No more rummaging through your inbox in search of the coffee stained, dog-eared paper version — just add this link to your favorites and you’ll always know where to look. So you say “well the catalog is cool but what’s in it for me?” Besides all our new resources… we’ve got a killer deal. In addition to a 20% discount on all titles, if you place an order of $75 or more by September 8th, you’ll get a free copy of Kara Powell and Chap Clark’s newest book, Deep Justice In A Broken World. Just our way of saying “yeah, we know summer is over.”

So sit back and have fun with this and don’t forget, we love you because you love kids.


6 thoughts on “cool new online ys catalog”

  1. Marko:

    It’s nice looking. Love it. Especially since I’m not on the mailing list currently after um, leaving, my last church.

    Most important priority to improvements? Click on a single product and get details or just a zoom of that area. (See Best Buy or Staples as possible examples. We click on a product and the picture is there, and a description – maybe a link to the store or a “add to cart” feature.)

    But it’s nice, smooth – not cheap looking… Very nice! Well Done YS! :)

  2. I like the new catalog.

    Clicking on a product and getting specific info would be cool, but that would also be a ton of work which I don’t think would make the catalog that much better.

    Looks cool, good job.

  3. chris — that’s coming, hopefully within the week. we decided to launch it without that capability, rather than wait.

  4. nice job guys. looks clean and it is is easy to look through.and more than that, it is not in my mailbox. lol. i feel guilty about the amount of stuff i throw away. but with this, i have already found a series for my group. well done. once that “add to cart” feature is added, you guys will be rockin’ it.

  5. I think the new catalog is pretty cool. I’m very excited about the new version as it’ll include all the suggestions here as well as more.

    It was a daily discussion at my church… all that stuff that gets tossed every day. If we could be part of a solution to that, woohoo!

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