corinne bailey rae, long lost acquaintance

corinne bailey rae.jpgso, this is random. my family (well, all of us except max, i suppose) have become big fans of corinne bailey rae. we just love her music, and find ourselves playing it all the time when we’re together and want music. there’s not too much music that jeannie, liesl and i can all agree on.

recently, martin saunders, the editor of youthwork (the british youth ministry mag), was visiting and staying in my home. and one night, we were sitting in the hot tub, gabbing about life. somehow, i mentioned simon hall, an old friend of mine from the uk who, among other things these days, leads a youth church (some would say an emerging church) in leeds, called revive. of course, martin says, “oh sure, i know simon!” and we started chatting about what a great guy his is, wonderful innovator, overcommitted, blah, blah, blah.

i mention that jeannie and i first met simon in denmark, of all places. the then-leader of the baptist youth (soren ostergaard) brought me in to speak at a couple camps (this was 10 years ago). one of them was his own baptist camp, which only had about 20 or 30 kids at it (it was a little segment of a larger event for all ages). soren had also brought in simon and a handful of “kids” from revive to lead worship.

anyhow, back to my hot tub. martin mentions, as an aside, that one of the kids from his church has become a really popular musician in the uk, and he thinks in the u.s. also. he says, “maybe you’ve heard of her…” and just as he’s about to say “corinne bailey rae”, jeannie and i both say, “omigosh! it’s corinne! corinne bailey rae!” corinne was 14 (or so, maybe 15) and the lead singer in that little worship band that came to denmark 10 years ago. we spent the week with her, and got to know her a bit. we also saw her a couple years later at greenbelt, when simon was there (as he is every year) both as a speaker, and with the band from revive leading some worship.

so there you have it. corinne bailey rae is my long lost friend. or, acquaintance. i’m sure that week with us was strikingly formative for her. i expect to find “thanks to marko” in the liner notes of her next cd, really.

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  1. you finally have my attention! Pam i have listened to her almost every morning for the past year now… she does not get old! remember when we roomed in Tulsa @ Believe. i could not believe you had her on your ipod…

    anyway… it is about freaking time you wrote about something worthy… besides all that Jesus… kids.. emergent CRAP!

    NOW get her at the convention or the MS summit next year… do some damage…name dropper!

  2. That’s one of the coolest stories I’ve heard in a while! You’re cool by association now! (Not that you weren’t already…)

  3. Hey!

    I feel honoured to stand in the gap between two such wonderful people (or three, if you count Martin – that’s debatable). It’s really weird knowing someone who is famous – Corinne was round here on Saturday night playing a board game (!) as her husband was away touring in Mark Ronson’s band. She really is still Corinne. You can catch an interview I did with her here:

    Blessings to you guys, and if you can’t get Corinne to sing at your convention, I will!


    And love to your beautiful family!


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