cross mp3 player

no, this doesn’t qualify for the coveted jesus junk of the month award. instead, it qualifies as interesting religious commentary!

this cross mp3 player, which i’ve seen float around the internet here and there (with posts from people who think it’s horrible and from people who want one), isn’t real. well, the one in the picture is physically real. but it’s a prototype. and it wasn’t made as a prototype for a real product. it was made by a design studio as a statement. or, more as a question. the site says:

We are playing not only with the form, but with religious symbolism. This player immediately brings many questions – whether it is possible to listen to any kind of music on it? Whether it can keep on playing a role of the religious symbol? Does everybody have a moral right to wear this thing?

funny thing: if it were a real product, i’d probably not like it. but, somehow, since it’s more of a piece of art than an actual product, i really like it! and i’m wondering what that reveals about me.

(ht, this time around, to bobbie, though the actual site found elsewhere)

3 thoughts on “cross mp3 player”

  1. reminds me of the “iBelieve” that I’ve used in many messages on media & youth culture.

    to see the picture of it type “ibelieve” into a Google image search.

  2. I would only have one song on that puppy: “Our God Is an Awesome God.” And I would wear another necklace equipped with speakers. Boom. Audiovangelism.

  3. This is a real product and available for purchase . If anyone is interested please send me an email. I have them in two colors black and silver. They are available in 2G anc 4G.

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