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Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World, by David A. Livermore

dave livermore, the author of the button-pushing, excellent book serving with eyes wide open, has a new book coming out in february in the baker academic line. it’s the 2nd book in chap clark’s series of academic books for youth ministry. but, really, it’s only loosely about youth ministry (some of the examples are about youth ministry). anyone interested in cross-cultural ministry should read this book.

and, livermore talks uses the term ‘cross cultural’ very broadly, suggesting CQ when working with different age groups in our church, when working in different parts of our own country that have differing values, assumptions and norms, as well as when we interact with people in our own context from different racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

livermore takes us through the various aspects of developing a “cultural intelligence” (akin to IQ and the recently buzzy EQ – emotional intelligence). the uniqueness, he says, of CQ is that it can be learned (which is not true of IQ, and less true of EQ). so while this is an academic book, it’s also a practical book that patiently reveals the process by which we can grow in our CQ (which, by the way, is way more than being culturally sensitive).

i got to read the book early, as i was asked for an endorsement. here’s the “official” endorsement i wrote:

In an era of drive-by short term missions, selfish service projects, and ugly Americans, Dave Livermore brings reconstruction. He doesn’t merely suggest cultural sensitivity; he helps us deconstruct and build something new – a pathway to cultural intelligence that can guide us be citizens of the Kingdom of God while being proactively engaged as neighbors in the world.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. This book looks FANTASTIC. I was talking with Dave (Livermore) about it the other day and it sounds incredibly helpful in helping students better engage in God’s mission bringing New Creation to life.

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