daddy’s little girl

this past weekend, while i was speaking at the “stuck in the middle” event for middle school kids in kansas city, my daughter liesl was attending the “lift” event for middle schoolers in orange county along with her small group, lead by ys’ mindi godfrey. they had a “stupid human tricks” contest at the lift event, and liesl volunteered, taking home the top award for a wonderful little ability i taught her a few years ago called nose-flossing (snorting dental floss up your nose and coughing it out your mouth).

last night at dinner i told liesl, “you can tell our family is a bit unique, liesl, because i am SO proud of you for that!” she grinned from ear-to-ear.

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  1. Even weirder is the fact that I spoke at a school last week and they told me about this nut job who spoke there a few years ago who could stick stuff up his nose and cough it out his mouth.

    Oh, and his name was Mark.

    Oh, and it was Southfield Christian School.

    Sound familiar?

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