daily ys staff meditations — friday


rise up, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.
for the winter is past, and the rain is over and gone.
the flowers are springing up, and the time of singing birds has come,
even the cooing of turtledoves.
the fig trees are budding, and the grapevines are in blossom.
how delicious they smell!
yes, spring is here!
arise, my beloved, my fair one, and come away.
song of songs 2:10-14

Beauty. Find some.
Take a long drive on a beautiful two-lane highway.
Hike in the Cuyamacas.
Sit at your favorite beach.
Go to an art museum.
Play beautiful music.
Eat wonderful food.

Notice the beauty in yourself.
Look at the people around you and recognize the beauty in them.
Breathe it all in…deeply.

2 thoughts on “daily ys staff meditations — friday”

  1. marko, this is beautiful :) it reminds me of my IM “away” message: “have a beautiful day. find some beauty…somewhere…anywhere…and cling to it.”

  2. yes, i did see your post on emoticons. no, i did not realize that my colon and end parenthesis would turn into an emoticon…sorry, didn’t mean to annoy.

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