dancing in the streets of port-au-prince

i posted, a few times, about the day we were surprised to find people dancing in the streets of port-au-prince. but ian robertson, our videographer, just finished up a little video of that day. and watching it, all the emotions come flooding back: surprise, joy, longing. i pray that the people of haiti are still finding reasons for hope and joy in the midst of their ongoing pain. i pray that we americans (and canadians, and brits, and others) will not forget them, or get weary of hearing about their need.


(blog note: i’m going camping with my family today, and a few other families, in yosemite. we’ll be there until thursday. i’ve not “spring camped” before, and am nervous about freezing my butt off. today and tomorrow are supposed to be ok, with highs around 60. but by wednesday, it’s supposed to be raining/snowing with a high of 38 and a low of 25. that’s not tent camping weather in my book. sorry, i don’t have any blog posts lined up for while i’m gone — so none ’til i get back. later!)

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