dead at your age


dark and voyeuristic, the dead at your age website asks you to input your birth date, then tells you who died around your age (including who died just days younger than you currently are, as well as a ‘countdown’ to who was about to meet their maker at your exact age).

i got this cheery little message based on my exact age:

You’ve outlived H.H. Munro by two days. He was a multi-genre author and master of the short story whose work satirized Edwardian society and culture. He died of injuries from sniper fire on November 13, 1916, 47 years before you were born.

this is an emo dream site!

3 thoughts on “dead at your age”

  1. Here’s my favorite for my birthday:

    You’ve outlived King Richard III by three days. He was the King of England (1483-85) whose revolt-ridden reign was the last in the Plantagenet dynasty. He died of injuries sustained in battle on August 22, 1485, 491 years before you were born.

  2. Thanks a lot, Marko. I’m turning 40 next week and needed yet another reminder of my mortality.

    And I just outlived Knute Rockne.

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