delays, delays, delays

i’m trying to board my 6th of 9 flights this week, and it has just become the 4th that is delayed. argh.

[[update: landed in salt lake at 8. program started at 8. got to the place with about 10 minutes to spare.]]

3 thoughts on “delays, delays, delays”

  1. I used to live for the rush of ministry. However, think of the delays in the flights as a moment from God to BREATH and just be. Remember it’s all timed out the RIGHT way…no time is ever really lost…is it?

  2. Marko,

    Find something to drink. Fill you mouth with that beverage, but don’t swallow. linger in the moment, think of the thirst you’ve encountered, what you’ve seen and know. When you’re ready to, swallow.

    hope it helps

  3. For the first half of my life I flew around the world as a military kid. Now that I am older and working in Youth Ministry I am faced with having to fly again. I have never been afraid to fly, in fact I have worked at an airport at one point in my life, and I even considered being a pilot when I was young. Yet, out of nowhere, I am suddenly afraid to fly. The fear of flying can be a horrible thing these days. Anyways, with that said I have to fly to Frankfurt this summer and I will just get over it. So I guess what I am trying to say is, enjoy your time on the ground!

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