deleted post

this is the first time i’ve deleted a post.

i was struggling with some stuff i read on another site, and expressed my personal struggle — not accusations — in a post here sunday night. i thought (and this is where i went wrong) that my post wasn’t about trying to point a finger or ‘out’ someone; but it had that impact, and for that, i’m sorry. i don’t want to open it up once again by naming anyone, but know that i apologize. the comments were moving well beyond a place of being helpful, and that’s, ultimately, what caused me to remove the post.

One thought on “deleted post”

  1. I understand.

    I’m glad.

    That night after I posted a comment I started thinking about how often internet communication can go wrong. We’ve talked about it with the young people we work with, but I hadn’t yet, had an issue. The thing is, with out tone of voice, context, etc, etc, it’s just so easy to misrepresent yourself. I know it, I’ve talked about it and yet still I was guilty of it. That was a really good reminder for me.

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