digital sand art

i was mesmerized by sand art as a kid. i’m not talking about the mind-blowing joe castillo stuff from our conventions. i don’t think anyone was doing that yet. i mean those simple “landscapes” of colored sand encased in glass. usually just mountains, sometimes you’d see “real artists” who could create all kinds of other stuff.

(as an aside: i’ve done a couple weddings this year where they used sand art in place of a unity candle, since the weddings were outside. one was really cool, as it was a later-in-life second marriage, and was the combining of two families: each family member had a separate color of sand, and they all poured them into a combined glass vase. it was really beautiful, symbolically and literally.)

well, it’s the digital age, baby. and you can create all that cool stuff with your mouse. this is sand is an online space to create digital sand art.

it’s just as time-consuming as the real thing was (the sand doesn’t pour any faster!). and filling an entire page is an act of will. but it’s fun to play with.

i made this quickly:

but this simple “YS” took me WAY too long while sitting in front of the TV one night. it looks stupid and simple if you think of it in terms of a computer graphic. but think sand art! i had to use serious brain cells to think about the angles to pour and when to adjust.

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