do know/ don’t know

things i know at this moment in time

i’m sleepy, and could take a nap right now

my blog has been “fluffy” this week. i haven’t had time for substantive posts. that bugs me.

i have to see my doctor about this nightly heartburn

max’s pinewood derby car is as good as a fix-it-dork like me could get it. hope it goes well for him friday night

i don’t feel like getting on a plane today

it sucks to leave town when jeannie isn’t feeling well and has to single-parent the kids

it totally sucks that i had to miss my middle school guys small group again last night. i’m feeling like the biggest loser small group leader of all time. i’m the kind of small group leader, right now, that drove me crazy when i was a paid youth worker

i’m thinking that, when i was on my sabbatical, and i did that exercise where i was suppose to listen to my body for an hour, and all my body would tell me was “you’re so stinking fat!”… well, i should do something about that. maybe, like, now. or, next week. or, soon. yeah — that’s it. soon.

i have 8 hours of work to do this morning, in 4 hours, before i leave for the airport, and should stop blogging

things i don’t know at this moment in time

how badly i’ll suck at the CORE presentations i’m giving in san luis obispo (tomorrow) and sacramento (saturday).

if my media will get finished for the CORE before i leave, and if it will work when i get there

should we spend all that money to send liesl to a private school. is it worth it? will it make any difference? how do we decide?

what the next year will look like

if this will be the last season of 24

one million other things. and one hundred million things i’m not aware that i don’t know.

13 thoughts on “do know/ don’t know”

  1. wow, it’s nice to know that the same mind and thoughts can share different bodies. must be a youth ministry thing.

    although what you’re stuggling with is different, really all these struggles are the same. it winds up being time versus life and too many times time wins, and life [the kind God wants for us] loses. bummer huh!

    keep up the good fight. we’re all in it together.

    blessings marko!

    another youth worker traveler. ty from holland, mi

  2. lol … I love that you have all these real life concerns, and in the middle of them is the issue of whether or not this is the last season of 24! : ) Made me laugh.

    Not to start a debate or anything, but I attended both public middle school and highschool, as well as private middle school and highschool (I moved A LOT). I have much happier memories from the private schools. Just my two cents. : )

  3. They better keep 24 for another season, that may be the biggest issue of your blog today, Darn it, now I have to add to my list of things I do not know will 24 contiue.. Thanks Marko.

    PS enjoy Core,

  4. 24 has to continue. I am emotionally connected to it … addicted, even. It would be cruel to take it away. Plus, isn’t it getting better in the ratings every year? They don’t want to lose that momentum!

    Although, 24 the movie would be cool, what with the big budgets and whatnot (oh yeah, I dropped a whatnot) … then again, they would have to call it “2” ’cause it would only be two hours long ….

  5. your body talking to you made me laugh. My body use to scream the same to me but after losing 60 pounds it now whispers “almost there”. I wish it’d scream some more so I can finish the losing and just maintain.

  6. You just need to look in the mirror and do your best Gary Smiley impersonation.

    Repeat after me:

    I’m smart enough. Good enough and doggonit ..People like me.

  7. Oh, oh, oh! On Primetime last night 6 people lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks all because if they didn’t Primetime would put pictures of them in bikinis on TV and the ABC web site. YOU COULD DO THAT! Take a photo of yourself in a speedo now, and in 8 weeks publish it on your blog if you don’t lose the weight you say you will loose! That’s motivation!

    Public vs. Private school–I would love to talk to you about that.

  8. MARKO. For the love all that is good and pure and innocent in this world, and more importantly, for the sake of my eyes, do NOT post a photo of you in a speedo. I am begging you.

  9. At least you have a small group. As the director of a local parachurch, I don’t have time for a small group, nor does anybody above me in authority. I don’t like this at all, and am seeking to change this, at least at my level. Keep up the good work. You’re an encouragement to me, and I’m sure to many other people.
    So, since you posted what you did, I’m curious (being relatively new to commenting vs. just reading blogs) are you wanting input, or do you just accept it when people suggest ways to solve what you write? At least you’re getting people to pray for you that would never have known otherwise.
    My input: I love the fact that we homeschool. My kids, too, are as different as night and day, and homeschooling, while a significant challenge, allows us to address those differences better than a teacher with even as few as fifteen kids. Not for everybody (especially starting this late in life), but an option to consider.

  10. ploeffer — thanks for your comment and question. well, i primarily blog stuff like this as a spiritual discipline for myself. it’s my journaling. so the value for me is just in writing it, really as a prayer of sorts. i’m always open to input — so feel free. but seeking input is not the purpose of my posts. does that make sense?

  11. Hey, bigger font, dude. Us old folks have vision challenges. I have your font on largest and it’s too small to read. And the comments to your blog are even smaller. Mercy, I beg, mercy

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