do you like middle schoolers?

check out the little video we made for the middle school ministry campference. had a blast making it with these middle schoolers (the middle one is my son, max). if you like the message, we’d sure love to have you join us — the early bird deadline is july 15 (just 9 days away). and it would be GREAT if you would share this on facebook!

5 thoughts on “do you like middle schoolers?”

  1. I have the same kind of boat shoes that Max is wearing. Those greenish Sperrys.

    Would love to go to this but I already spend my conference budget money on something else. Maybe next time!

  2. Middle schoolers scare me today. Kids were always cruel, but now and days, they’re much worse. Kids bullying other kids…kids getting other kids pregnant…kids bringing loaded guns to class, to shoot other kids…And I truly believe it’s because our government has convinced us all, as parents, that disciplining our children is a crime. We cant even spank our kids anymore, without being accused of being a child molester or child abuser. This country has gone straight to Hell, and no one (especially in the church community) seems to be willing to talk about it. God help us…and save us from ourselves.

  3. Hey Justin – a few thoughts:
    1. You’re describing a small minority of middle schoolers. The majority are just good kids starting down the road of independence.
    2. While patents removing responsibility and consequences is certainly a cultural problem, in my thinking, I can’t agree that the lack of corporal punishment is the root or leading cause of our problems.
    3. This event is for us crazies who actually LIKE middle schoolers!

  4. Actually, Marko, it’s just the opposite. Most middle schoolers and High Schoolers are part of the problem. And modern parenting (or rather lack thereof) IS the source of the condition of today’s youth. If you can’t see this, you’re not using your eyes. And, as for going down “the road of independence,”…what country have you been living in? Seriously? We have no independence. We have no freedom anymore. By leading our young people to think otherwise, is only harmful, not helpful. Dont give them false hopes, as you’ll only be preparing them for disappointment. Thirdly, spanking your children is not “corporal punishment.” It’s called discipline. It’s called parenting. It’s people like yourself, who have warped thinking on this issue, who contribute to today’s corrupt and corroding society.

  5. ah, i was going to respond in a dialogical manner, because i generally think these sorts of conversations are helpful to all of us. but when i got to “it’s people like yourself who contribute to today’s corrupt and corroding society,” i figured dialogue wasn’t something you were interested in. i’ll leave your comment there for now, though.

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