does street evanglism work?

i recently purchased the unlikely disciple, by kevin roose (because he interned with a.j. jacobs, who wrote the year of living biblically, and loved how jacobs treated christians in his book). roose writes about a semester spent at liberty university, undercover. i haven’t read the book yet, but published an excerpt from the book about roose’s experience, with a dozen fellow liberty students, of doing ‘cold-turkey evangelism’ in daytona during spring break. it’s an interesting read, and i like the compassion he seems to have for his fellow students.

and, now, our friend greg stier (of dare 2 share), has written an interesting “response” — really, more of greg’s personal journey as it pertains to this kind of evangelism.

i’ve never been much of a fan of this brand of evangelism; but both articles are worth the read, and i really appreciate greg’s heart.

6 thoughts on “does street evanglism work?”

  1. I think Greg Stier’s wife is right on.

    I also struggle with his separation of convert and disciple. He makes it sound as if you could experience conversion but not be a disciple.

  2. In my small experience with Dare 2 Share conferences (1 year, 2004) I never found a connection to the relational model they were teaching in the venue, and the “cold-turkey” practice on Saturday afternoons.

  3. I recently finished Roose’s book and it was fantastic, I have a few questions left about this or that, but overall I really dug it.

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