domino pool

ok, my brain tells me i should find this uh-maze-ing, truly flabbergasting, massively impressive. but watching it, i’m just annoyed. maybe it’s the frickin’ scott joplin playing in the background that just makes me want to shoot my piano teacher from when i was in 5th grade. or maybe it’s that this pool dude spent way too much time on this thing. whatever. i’m cranky. maybe i was cranky already, and that’s why i’m more annoyed than impressed. no, i think this guy made me cranky.

13 thoughts on “domino pool”

  1. I didn’t turn the speakers on, but I imagine that makes it pretty annoying. At any rate, this guy has too much time on his hands.

  2. It seems like anyone with good depth perception and about 12 hours to kill could make something like this happen. It’s really not all that spectacular.

  3. It would have been much better with “Trouble” from Music Man or maybe “Great Balls of Fire” from Jerry Lee Lewis.

  4. c’mon gang! i am sure the guy is a hit at bbq’s and birthday parties….

    as long as they have 4 pool tables…


  5. I watched it three times just to see if he would miss. That’s because I’m a lions fan and I’ll watch them again to see if they’ll win.

  6. That has to be one of he lanest things I have sat through to watch. Every time another table was played I could only think What??? Another one, make it stop!!
    No pool skill whatsoever, but sure likes to play with dominoes

  7. don’t be jealous everyone, it’s pretty cool and i would like to see any of the commenters do it!!
    i wouldn’t pay money to see it but it’s pretty cool nevertheless!!

  8. Yeah come on,

    Forget America’s Got Talent, how about
    Uzbekistan’s (or wherever that guy is from)
    Got Talent!!!

  9. That’s hilarious! Especially when it looks like it’s all over and “SURPRISE” there’s more pool tables. Yeah, it’s pretty cheesy to see a grown man raise his cue in victory over that. But if i had a room full of pool tables and a bunch of dominoes, it’d be fun to see what kind of goofy tricks you could pull off.

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