evan almighty premiere

liesl (my 13 year-old daughter) and i are driving up to hollywood today to attend the world premiere of evan almighty tonite. it’s a pretty cool thing, and we’re stoked. we have reserved seats and all, tickets to an after-party, tickets to universal studios for tomorrow, and tickets to the “rock the boat” concert tomorrow night with switchfoot, reliant k, and others. this is all just a little thanks from the company we partnered with to promote the ark almighty campaign (which, of course, was tied to this movie).

anyhow — we’ve never been to a world premiere before. red carpet and all. i’m sure this post will bring a few more emails into ys asking how it is that we can partner with the whores of babylon (seriously).

we also have a private screening for ys staff and family this coming tuesday night; so i’ll take jeannie and max then.

7 thoughts on “evan almighty premiere”

  1. Got to see the movie on Tuesday up here in Sacramento.

    Much more of a family movie than I expected. I was actually let down by the comedy, but the more I thought of it as a “PG light” movie the more I was able to enjoy the simple laughs. And the fact that I can take ALL the Junior Highers is pretty sweet!

    Good movie, looking forward to our own Ark Almighty program!

  2. Marko- Don’t trip on the red carpet and wear clean underwear just in case. Have fun your kids deserve to get to do fun stuff like this…..you too.

  3. Saw it last Tuesday night in Portland. Thank you YS! Loved it. Very funny and full of teaching points. Youth pastors will love it!

  4. Heard it went well. One of my buddies who was at the show last night back stage with his brother from GH who helped produced the show, said switchfoot knocked the roof of the universal.

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