ever seen conference rules like these?

in the first ‘tribal gathering’ (our main sessions) at the middle school ministry campference, i took the group through our “camp rules.” i’d like to think they are fairly one-of-a-kind for a youth ministry training event (or any church ministry event for that matter):


  • If you ask permission, you will be shunned.
  • Most things on the schedule are optional.
  • The rest of the things on the schedule are optional.
  • If you even think about breaking curfew, you will be praised.
  • If you sleep through breakfast or a meeting, you get spirit points.
  • A lack of interruptions during breakouts will not be tolerated.
  • For reals: We are peers here. Seriously.
  • The only thing that is not optional: it is not an option to be a dominating, arrogant, longwinded douchebag.
  • No one cares how crappy or lovely you sing. Bring it. We love you.
  • Play Hard. Try something new. Eat something bad for you. Unload something (it’s safe here).
  • This is Vegas.
  • Be here.

probably wouldn’t be wise to use these for a youth event; but, you know, this was for adults. :)

3 thoughts on “ever seen conference rules like these?”

  1. I thought these might be the bragging rights rules for the campference. I wonder what a youth conference like this would look like? Vegas optional.

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