everything… is… blurry…

i was just looking for a post from a couple years ago, and stumbled onto this moment i’d completely forgotten about. instant tears!

max dances into salvation
Tuesday October 04th 2005, 2:07 pm
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this conversation took place saturday, in the hallway of the sacramento convention center, between max (my 7 year-old son) and jeannie (my wife):

max: mom? i think i want to be a christian.

jeannie: really? what do you think that means?

max: [i don’t remember his exact quote here, but something like…] i dunno, like, opening your hands to god or something?

jeannie: well, yeah, kind of. it means that you want to live your life in the way that god wants; it means that you want to be like jesus as much as you can.

max: yeah, that. i want to be that.

jeannie: then i guess you are.

max: huh?

jeannie: some people think it’s important to actually say some kind of prayer to god, but what’s really important is that you know that you want to follow jesus.

max: [starts dancing down the hall and singing, in a silly voice] i’m a christian, i’m a christian…

jeannie: would you like to say something to god about what you’re thinking?

max: [stops] yeah. [looking angelic] god? [back to silly dancing] i’m a christian, i’m a christian

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  1. ::snort:: I know salvation isn’t a funny thing, but our reactions to it sometimes are.

    [silly dancing] I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian! Thank you, that will have me smiling all day!

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