experiencing freedom in a new way

i got to my office this morning, and there in the mail, was one of the two utilikilts i’d ordered. i am know proudly wearing a man-skirt (it’s extremely manly, so shut up). i got the olive twill in the original design (large cargo pockets on both sides, one back wallet pocket). it is quite clear to me why utilikilt’s slogan is: we sell freedom.

24 thoughts on “experiencing freedom in a new way”

  1. Holy Crap Dude, you are the man! I’m not there yet, but props to you! Is this something we should expect to see you wearing at NYWC? Tell us about the draft effect. I wouldn’t wear this because I’m sure people would see my streaks in my tighty whites.
    peace, love, and bagpipes.

  2. you will absolutely see it at the NWYC. tic is getting one also (his is khaki; i also have a black denim one coming). three words, baby: comfort, comfort, comfort. oh, and freedom.

  3. Sorry I should have looked at the link first. $125 or more to get ridiculed? I do this naturally. I thought Man Capri’s were bad. Then again, I am from the Midwest. We are always about 2 fashion years behind California and are probably more influenced by NY. I really have no room to talk considering I regularly get my unibrow waxed (also known as “manscaping”). Anyone else wanna confess?

  4. Dude, that’s a skirt. It may be khaki, it may be denim, it may match your Grizzly Adams hiking boots, but it’s still a skirt.

    Freedom just ain’t freedom if I have to wear a skirt to get it.

  5. marko, will you be wearing this with your italian shoes? i am trying to picture this and i can’t imagine you gettin out of the house dressed the way you are. &:~D

  6. Hey Marko,
    if you wear the kilt next year- just watch out for:
    1. the vents on the sidewalk outside the convention center in Nashville- if they are blowing air and you walk over them- oh yeah…


  7. And please, for the LOVE, don’t let Tic wear his on stage @ NYWC ’05…people stand real close sometimes, you know?

    I’m fine. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. =)

  8. Yes! You rock. I’ve been putting off buying a Utilikilt for a couple years now. Maybe I can talk my wife into getting me one for Father’s Day. I have a long crinkle-skirt that I wear to Cornerstone Festival every year, and I can attest to the comfort of open-ended legwear. ;)

  9. Will you also be wearing your new glasses with your kilt? You might not get out of the airport in one piece;-)

  10. ok, now THAT’s funny john! (for those who don’t know, a TSA employee at the san fran airport told me that my glasses made his **** hard)

  11. hey, why don’t you wear it when you come to S’pore in July… that will be great fun and cool (literally)

    happy belated birthday!

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