explaining metamorphosis to max

here’s an email i sent my 8 year-old son, max, this morning:

the word we were trying to think of the other day is “metamorphosis”. you were talking about plants, and explained something, and i said, “no, that’s photosynthesis”. and you said, “no, dad, photosynthesis is when things change, like a calipiter or a tadpole.” and i said, “i love how you say caterpillar” and you said “what… i said caterpillar” and i said “no, you said calipiter” and you said “whatever”. then i tried to explain that the thing you were talking about was a different word, but i couldn’t remember what it was at the time. it’s metamorphosis. i just remembered because i’m writing about how jesus changes our lives and makes us a new thing — and it’s kind of like a metamorphosis.

One thought on “explaining metamorphosis to max”

  1. *tears*

    our 8 year old son “buck” says ‘killa-patter’ and when you giggle corrects himself and says ‘pilla-katter’. i will miss that forever. i think max and buck would be great friends!

    i love that you email him and connect with him on this level and are taking the time to explain things like butterflies and metamorphosis! you’re a great dad marko!

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