failed christian book titles

the first couple of these randomly popped into my head a few weeks ago, so i kept a running list. all in good fun, of course. and just wonderfully, horribly insiderish, right? please, feel free to add to the list!

Imago Doh!

Waterboarded by Grace


Blended: An Allegory of Lowest Common Denominator Worship

The Gospel According to Justin Bieber

Amazing Taste: All Aboard Cooking With John Newton

Once Bitten, Thrice Reformed: The New Trinity of MacArthur, Piper, and Driscoll

Passing the Piece: Wife-Swapping in the Church

Watchu Talkin’ ‘Bout Willard: Dallas for Dummies

Let’s Grohl: Uncovering the Surprising Thread of Airline Vigilanteism and Spirituality in Foo-Fighters Songs

Crazy Glove: Uncovering the Surprising Connection Between OJ Simpson and Francis Chan

I’ll Be Back, by Kate Gosslin, with a foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Five Love Languages for Pets
Boundaries for Pets

The Little Series of Pastoral How-To Books:
How to Appear Homespun Like Rick Warren
How to Cry Like Bill Hybels
How to Finger Point Like John Piper
How to Sidestep Like Joel Osteen
How to Deadpan Like Andy Stanley
How to Pace the Stage Like Rob Bell

Refsubmission Rev

Take This Bread, Please: The Eucharistic Humor of Henny Youngman

Under My Thumb: The New Pastor’s Guide to Staff Relationships

Found in the Baptismal: A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Book

16 thoughts on “failed christian book titles”

  1. Clear As Mud: How to Talk Without Really Communicating Anything

    Minute to Win It: Super Fast and Effective Evangelism Techniques

  2. Time Shares and Texas Hold ‘Em: Creative Fundraising Ideas
    No Halos for Halo: Why Jesus Hates Video Games and Video Gamers
    The Gaithers: Rockers for Jesus or The Devil’s Marionettes? (c) 1982
    The Care Bears: Leading Teenagers Down the Dark Road of the Occult
    Supergood Life Lessons from Superbad
    Budgets & Salaries: Youth Ministry on 1$ a Day
    101 Flannelgraph Bible Lessons for Teenagers
    Chubby Bunny: How an Addiction to Marshmallows Ruined my Ministry
    Jr. High Bible Studies: Song of Solomon

  3. My favorites…
    Blended: An Allegory of Lowest Common Denominator Worship

    Budgets & Salaries: Youth Ministry on 1$ a Day

    Clear As Mud: How to Talk Without Really Communicating Anything

  4. Time Management and Other Sins

    Teenagers Are From Mars, Youth Workers Are Underpaid

    Super Glue, Duct Tape, and Other Disciplinary Tools for Youth Ministers

    God Doesn’t Like You Because of Your Grades: Helpful Tips for Counseling Teenagers

    Jesus Who? Great Answers for Youth Ministry Job Interviews

    Who Can Hit the Ground First? Science Experiments for Youth Ministry

  5. What Color is my Pentateuch?–Career path skills for the Legalistic

    Chicken Soup for the Bored—Spiritual Nuggets from “The Andy Griffith Show’

  6. s*it
    How Churches and leaders can get s*it and Keep s*it – Craig Groeschel

    I primitively apologize for my crassness

  7. The Love Shack – finding God amidst tragedy in unexpected B-52 songs

    The Case for Easter Break – an agnostic jounalism student tries to buy beer in Cancun

    Your Best Wife Now: 7 Steps to finding a mail order bride

  8. Oh yes. You’re letting my imagination run wild here..

    Here goes.. (let’s hope I don’t offend)

    The Love Shack by Willy Young

    I’m Fine With Jesus.. It’s God I Can’t Stand by Bickel & Jantz

    Vintage Jesus: Like Jesus Wasn’t Irrelavant Enough by Mark Driscoll

    VELVET ELVIS: Repainting the Christian Bedroom by Rob Bell

    Drops Like Sh*t by Rob Bell

    The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out & Giving Rob Bell A Hard Time Without Selling Out by Mark Driscoll

    Death By Love: A Story of the Rob Bell by Mark Driscoll & The Gospel Coalition

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