faith and certainty

craig ferguson, in his opening banter on his show, did a bit starting with pat robertson’s prediction of a terrorist attack in 2007, but moved on to other funny commentary on christianity, including a fascinating (at least i think), passionate few seconds of opinionating about faith and certainty not being able to co-exist.

here’s a link to the video.

(ht to bob carlton)

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  1. I didn’t get see link to work either…

    But I did see Craig’s bit last night. “If you have certainty you don’t need faith. If you have faith, you don’t need certainty.”

    Amazing to me how many folks seem to need certainty to have faith…

  2. sorry – i’ll try to fix the link later today. i’m about to get on a plane, and don’t have access to it right now.

  3. first try did not work

    my handy dictionary defines thus:

    certain: fixed; agreed upon; settled
    Origin: 1250–1300 *cert?nus, equiv. to L cert(us) sure, settled

    faith: belief that is not based on proof
    Origin: 1200–50 feid, feit of fidés trust, akin to f?dere to trust.

    My own experience of following Jesus is unsettled & far from sure – but trust – ah, that is it.

  4. Martin Luther described faith as, ” Faith is a living, bold trust in God’s grace, so certain of God’s favor that it would risk death a thousand times trusting in it.” describes faith as, “Faith is commonly known as a belief, trust or confidence often based on a transpersonal relationship with God, a higher power, elements of nature and/or a perception of the human race as a whole.”

    What is remarkable about both of these definitions that it seems that faith requires or at the very least produces a certainty about someone or something.

    One of my friends always talks about a holy dance that happens between law and grace. Perhaps we need to see this discussion of certainty, arrogance, faith, etc as more a theological dance than a doctrinal stance.

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