faith and uni

interesting article in the nytimes yesterday about college students and faith, and, specifically, the sharp rise in spiritual activity on university campuses.

a couple key paragraphs:

More students are enrolling in religion courses, even majoring in religion; more are living in dormitories or houses where matters of faith and spirituality are a part of daily conversation; and discussion groups are being created for students to grapple with questions like what happens after death, dozens of university officials said in interviews.

A survey on the spiritual lives of college students, the first of its kind, showed in 2004 that more than two-thirds of 112,000 freshmen surveyed said they prayed, and that almost 80 percent believed in God. Nearly half of the freshmen said they were seeking opportunities to grow spiritually, according to the survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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  1. Encouraging words for someone beginning to step into ministry with the college/young adult age group! I get the same sense from all I come in contact with…what an opportunity to influence and share. THANKS!

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