family christmas

because my family flies to detroit for christmas with our extended families every year, we always celebrate our own christmas a bit early. this year, it was yesterday.

we woke up (well, to be accurate, as paybacks for the many times i woke up my parents when i was younger, max woke us up) and opened our stockings (hung by the fire!). these were just fun little gifties. then we made a big ol’ pancake breakfast together.

after the yums, we gathered in the living room for gift opening. here are a few pics.

the kids (with help from jeannie) got me a sector 9 longboard, which i’d wanted, but thought i wasn’t getting:

i’d had a good deal of airline miles, and decided to do something creative with them for our family. so, i gave jeannie and max a trip to london (over spring break), and jeannie gave me and liesl a trip to paris (same time). the gifts were done creatively. i had five gifts wrapped together for jeannie and max: some tea, some shortbread, then a street map of london, and a book called “visiting london with kids”, and, finally, a print out of the flight itinerary. here’s that moment:

concurrently, liesl and i were opening gifts from jeannie: a baguette, some brie, a beret, a paris tour book, then the flight itinerary. a couple of those moments:

6 thoughts on “family christmas”

  1. What is it with Sector 9 longboards? My pastor just got one from his wife for Christmas. I’m gonna have to go out and buy one just to keep up with the current ministry standards.

  2. That skateboard looks almost exactly like the one I had when I was in college and I think I was one of 3 skateboarders on campus at that time. I love the longer boards. I didn’t know they were coming back.

  3. oh dear – are longboards about to become to youth pastors what blonde peroxide and goatees were in the nineties? I’m scared i’ll fall over. Do you have any idea how many hills are in this city?

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