family mexico vacation, 1

we spent this past week at a nice resort in mexico (thanks to our time share condo and an exchange). we were frustrated to find on arrival that they only give the ocean view rooms to owners, and that we got stuck with a view of dirt and the maintenance building. but it was still a beautiful suite and resort, and the beach and pool were awesome. i know this is will be a bit traveloguey, but, hey, it’s my blog. so, first up, pics from our family st. patrick’s day celebration, which included green chocolate chip pancakes for max…


green milk for liesl…


and green water for me!


3 thoughts on “family mexico vacation, 1”

  1. Hey Marko,

    St. Patty’s Day looked like fun.I am coming up on my 100th Blog on March 27th. Would you like to share a paragraph on what youth ministry might be like in 100 years? I’ll post it this Thursday at my 100th Blogday Party. Thanks.

    Paul Turner

  2. Dang Marko, looking good! This is kind of a response to the next post also (weird) but I couldn’t help commenting on your weight loss. Congratulations, I think you can hit 60lbs mark. Your awesome. Keep up the good work.
    BTW just got tuned into your blog, but thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the earlier post (and many of the comments) of our use of gender for God. Much grace.

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