family wishes

tonite at dinner, our family played “3 wishes”. not much time to think things through — you just have to give your three wishes when it’s your turn.

i started:
– i’d like to be exceptionally good at anything i try (ooh, good one, huh?)
– i’d like to be able to fly (which includes having a protective barrier around me when i fly, and that anyone i’m touching can fly also — very superman like)
– i’d like to have a huge amount of money in a foundation and be able to give it away

liesl went next:
– perfect complexion and straight hair (we allowed her a bit of space on this, to consider it one wish)
– huge perfect wardrobe that would always have new clothes in it for the rest of my life, including make-up, accessories and jewelry
– able to read really fast

– a huge beautiful garden that she could tinker in, but would flourish and be perfect even if she didn’t tinker
– to be an artist (like, a painter)
– to not have to think about money (she clarified, this isn’t about a mansion on a hill; she’d just like to not have to think about money)

max wrapped it up:
– “a trillion plus a trillion plus a trillion (over and over) dollars”
– no more school
– to know everything in the world

4 thoughts on “family wishes”

  1. Mark, God Bless you, brother. I got to meet you in KC at ‘StuckInTheMiddle’ and was just looking over the notes I took at your ‘adult’ session. You are a Blessing to many! Just want to say ‘hey’, and offer three wishes for you and me and all the middles — this comes from a birthday song by John McCutcheon, where the chorus goes something like, “Happy Birthday, I wish you many more. With health, and wealth, and friends by the score!..”
    This is the day!!..

  2. ah, but isaac, that violates the genie’s rule of wishes. you can’t wish for more wishes. and you can’t wish for anything that would change someone else’s heart — like you can’t wish that someone would love you. didn’t you see the disney aladdin movie? c’mon!

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