father’s day

what a great day.

i woke up on a semi-deflated air mattress in a tent on a patch of dirt in san diego known as the scouting center (or something like that), where max and i were on a camp out with his cub scout den. we were up and packed early enough that we got home in time to clean up and turn around in time for church.

after church, jeannie and the kids took me to cheesecake factory, where i had my favorite thai chicken pasta. and i scored on gifts! they gave me a fog-free shower mirror (for shaving in the shower) that i’ve wanted for years now, and the brand new bose noise-reduction headphones, version 3. they’re way lighter than the previous models, and the sound and noise-reduction are amazing. can’t wait to use them on my trip to vancouver on thursday!

then our family went to see nacho libre, and we all laughed our heads off. i’m now in carlsbad, california, on the first night of a 3 day, 2 night spiritual retreat — all by myself. after my sabbatical was so profitable in february, i decided (with jeannnie’s encouragement) to get serious about taking these quiet retreats on a quarterly basis. so i’ll be here ’til tuesday, and don’t expect to talk to anyone. i’ll sleep, pray, read and watch the ocean. can’t wait to hang out with god.

5 thoughts on “father’s day”

  1. Poop…. I just get the 2.0 Bose Headphones and now I am already outdated and have monster ones instead of nice smaller ones. When I am in your room this Fall at the YS conventions, I may have to break a commandment and pinch them from you and leave the 2.0 ones with you and run off with your 3.0.

  2. that is so great that you are re-treating again!

    i would love to take our kids to nacho libre, 10 & 8 – any issues we should know about in advance??

  3. 350 dollar headphones! Man, I love Bose but I always have trouble keeping my headphones in good shape. If I spent that much on headphones they would probably break within 2 months. Great Gift though! I love Bose, they are the only speakers that I purchase when I can.

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