finally, a product that caters to the laziest of all lazy water snobs

Ice in a boxyes, folks, welcome to your local grocery shelf: prepackaged unfrozen ice cubes. i’m not kidding. it’s filtered water, in little plastic ice cube trays, with a sealed plastic cover. so even the laziest water snob can spend crazy-money for the convenience of going to the store, buying these, opening the box and putting the trays in the freezer, waiting for them to freeze, then pulling back the plastic wrap to expose these little beauties. i mean, really, if you’re a lazy water snob, actually filling your own ice cube trays with your own filtered water can get so boring, so inconvenient, so five minutes ago. a special thanks to canada (and, really, who knows ice cubes better, except, maybe, like greenland?) for this wonderful time-saving and highly over-packaged absurdity.

oh, and according to the website, this is all about humanitarian efforts, providing pure filtered water ice as a health salvation to the world! (because, as everyone knows, our third world brothers and sisters who struggle with water-born diseases, use SO many ice cubes!).

update!: the company has also lauched two additional brands (good news for the third-world!): ICE KIDS(r), “secured spring water ice cubes, product directed for the children’s market,” and SCOTCH ROCKS (r), “secured spring water ice cubes, luxury product for alcoholic beverages.”

(ht to dave barry)

4 thoughts on “finally, a product that caters to the laziest of all lazy water snobs”

  1. Yeah, those in third world countries can store their ice cubes in their new stainless steel GE side-by-side fridges that they have sitting beside their granite counter tops and flat-top stove ranges…now they can truly enjoy their margaritas with their fancy umbrellas while eating filet minon and baked potatoes.

    Okay sorry, I’m done.

  2. This is obviously overpriced and a bit rediculous, but the idea of sealing your water off would make for better tasting ice, even if it was just tap water.

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