finally, dwight schrute has posted to his blog

after a long summer blogging hiatus, dwight is back. just hours away from the fall premiere. yee-ha!

a teaser of the post…

Hello internetizens. I have returned from my web logging hiatus. You may be asking yourself, “what happened to Dwight all summer?” Shut up. It’s none of your business. Just focus on the present. In this case, the present has two meanings. In its first usage, it is temporal. The present is the here and now. It is also being used to mean “a gift.” This web log is a present from me to you, the reader, because you do not pay for it and I am giving it to you. Enjoy your present (both meanings).

3 thoughts on “finally, dwight schrute has posted to his blog”

  1. Hey… I am in Iowa, sitting in front of my tv, waiting for office season 4 to begin… what a good combo — your blog & and waiting for the office… go junior high youth workers…

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