fireworks in washington, dc

great time watching the fireworks last night. about 25 people came up to my balcony, where we had a great view of the fireworks, and didn’t have to battle the crowds down on the washington mall. here’s a view…

and here’s jason solley from the crowder band, tinkering with his camera for a shot…

5 thoughts on “fireworks in washington, dc”

  1. Hey, I just heard the new podcast – I like the mailbag section – I was wishing it was longer than ten minutes, though! : ) I’d love to see it a regular part of the podcast.

  2. The YS podcast; it’s a monthly one you can download on iTunes for free. Usually it consists of interviews with different authors/speakers that are at a YS event. This month it is “Marko’s mailbag” and a reading.

  3. Is this the comment commercial section? I just felt like I read an infomercial.

  4. Looks like it was so much fun! Wish I was able to stay another day in DC – DCLA. SO SO SO much fun to see you all and bond! More good times to come in LA! Hope you and the fam. are having fun camping!

    take care

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